These are the rules for this community

Insta-ban will be given for:

  • Any form of racism, homophobic or trash talk.
  • Any form of hacking / cheating / exploiting.


  • Keep the game enjoyable for others. Remind your fellow survivors about this.
  • Help your fellow survivors! <3
  • Don't block access to public places with buildings, turrets, or dinos. Public places include: important resource spots (i.e. the vulcano), Spawn points, Obelisks, and Artifact caves. Drops and Explorer notes are NOT protected spaces. If in doubt, it is probably protected.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • No mass land grab.
  • No Pillar/foundation spamming.
  • No massive bases (use common sense).
  • Only 1 Tribe base and 1 Personal outpost is allowed.
  • No player killing: Players cannot engage in PVP (Player versus Player) combat. This means that players cannot kill or attack other players, their structures, or their tamed creatures.
  • No griefing: Players should not engage in any behavior that intentionally ruins another player's experience, such as building structures that block access to resources, building structures that damage another player's structures, or trapping other players with their tamed creatures.
  • No stealing: Players cannot take resources, items, or creatures from other players without their permission.
  • Respect other players' bases: Players should not enter other players' bases without their permission. Players should also not build their structures too close to another player's base, as this can cause issues with resource spawns or creature spawns.
  • No excessive breeding: While breeding creatures is allowed, players should not breed excessively to prevent overcrowding of the server.
  • It is forbidden to beg for help from other players, if someone wants to help you, he will offer it himself.