Good to know

I run ARK servers since 2021. It happens that other games also if the community expresses such a desire.

Things that you need to know that will definitely help you navigate our community:

Join our DISCORD

  • Select the roles with the games/servers you want to follow ⁠on Channels & Roles
  • On the ⁠join-links channel you will find current servers
  • If you play on the ASA server, be sure to connect your account, instructions can be found here.
  • Commands are available on game servers and discord, information about them can be found here ⁠⌨-commands
  • There is a store available here with currency in the form of tokens. You can ask how to get them, info below:
  • For every 15 minutes spent in the game, you will receive: 5 tokens / more for Supporter Tiers
  • Vote for the server - press F3(ARK only) in the game or use !vote in ⁠⚙-bot-spam and you will get 200 tokens / more for Supporter Tiers
    • For 100 hours spent on our servers you will receive 1,000 tokens
    • For 500 hours spent on our servers you will receive 5,000 tokens
    • For 1,000 hours spent on our servers you will receive 10,000 tokens
  • You can also support the maintenance of the servers here.
  • The purchased package should be delivered within one minute. If this doesn't happen (there may be many reasons, but it happens very rarely), open a ticket and describe the problem ⁠🖋-create-new . If I am unavailable, do not worry, the delivery of the purchased item has been automatically scheduled in a few hours (usually 4-5 hours).
  • All servers are set to auto-reboot with wild dino wipe every 24 hours. You can check the logs by going to the #xxx-server-logs channel (example: ⁠caballus-server-logs )
  • Mods on servers update automatically, before you report a problem, check if you have the current version. You can check which mod has updated recently by checking the logs channel as above
  • If you run into a problem you can't handle, please create a ticket ⁠🖋-create-new I usually reply quickly unless I'm at work or sleeping 😉

DECAY on ARK servers:

  • Ascendant 30 days
  • Mastercraft 25 days
  • Journeyman 20 days
  • Apprentice 15days
  • Ramshackle 10 days
  • Default 5 days
  • Vacation 30 days(available twice a year)
    After purchasing Supporter Tiers/Vacation pack, it will take an hour for the status to change(in /decaytime command). You can check if the system has assigned you the correct group by using the /groups command in the in-game chat window.