The server related to the work of a YouTuber selected by our server community will be changed periodically after the end of the series on YouTube

server settings:

launch date: 03.2024
planned wipe: after the related YouTuber's series ends

XP x3 Harvest x3
Crop Growth x2
Food Drain x0.7
Water Drain x0.7
Hair Growth x1

Taming Speed x3
Mature Speed Multiplayer x5
Egg Lay Period Multiplayer x3
Mating Speed Multiplayer x5
Mating Interval Multiplayer x3
Baby Cuddle Interval x3

Player base stats:
Health: 200
Weight: 300

Player per level stats:
Weight: 20
Fortitude: 10

Maximum Creature level:300


Fresh survivors


Online players


Hours played per day